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Ministers, need help getting organized? These can help.

This article was originally published in the new Herald magazine and online at http://www.abpnews.com/news/item/28591.

In the 14-plus years I have worked with ministers, churches or ministry organizations, I have found that most, though not all, ministers need help with organization. And sometimes their secretaries do, too. Thanks to the collaboration of the tech- nology world, many free tools are readily available. It may take a couple of hours to set up and a determined habit to learn, but the initial time investment is worth the headache of forgetting one more thing. Here are my top two tools with links to more if these don’t appeal to you.

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Living through grief – online

I live my life online. As one who experienced the introduction of the Internet while in college, I should. I embrace and believe whole-heartedly in the community that is created through our Wi-Fi and broadband connections.

Theories, both good and bad, abound about what this online community means for our society. I chart through these waters as a representative of churches and organizations like ABP. Recently, I learned how this online life enriches even the most basic of human experiences – losing a loved one.

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It’s ‘No Tweet’ Time

Recently I overheard at a restaurant: “It’s time I put my phone away. After these drinks, we are entering the time of the evening that I call ‘no tweet time.’ ”

People say the wrong thing on social networking sites all the time.

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