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Baptist News Global

“Is the traditional church sinking in a communication storm?”  
October 2014 BaptistNews.com 
Ah, the days of typewriters, carbon copies, handwritten notes and little stress about whether everyone knew when the church picnic would be. Life for the church secretary wasn’t very complicated in the 1970s, I suspect, and neither was church communication. Read more. (Copy of original work.)

“Five communication mistakes your church is probably making”  
November 2014  BaptistNews.com 
After a combined 15 years as an administrative assistant, communication manager, educator, communication specialist or communication consultant (or any other title sent my way), I’ve had time to reflect on what we’re doing wrong when it comes to effective communication. Since my 15 years as a professional have also been spent as a minister’s spouse, often working with or through churches, I’ve identified five mistakes churches make and ways to fix them. Read more. (Copy of original work.)

Media Ethics and Policy

“Using Social Media for Hiring”
August 2012  DigitalClergy.com
At no other point in history have we had such instant access to the depth of information that is available online to us now. “A kid in Africa with a smartphone has access to more information than the President of the United States 15 years ago.”[1] We automatically turn to the Internet as a research tool, gathering data that ranges from recipes to mechanical help to factual knowledge. But what about when we want to learn about people? Are search results in Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites fair game, specifically when an employer is looking to hire or fire an employee? Read more.

“Medical Industry”
August 2012  DigitalClergy.com
The advances in online communication are felt in every industry around the world. The medical profession is no different in the need to determine the use of social media, email, video, etc. for the doctors and patients who use them. Unfortunately, thus far, the medical industry has not embraced these opportunities. “Every other major industry in the world has employed industrial quality-control techniques and computers to standardize and improve products and services, a move that has led to continual improvements in available products, quality, efficiency, and cost. Why has health care—one of the most complex of industries—been a laggard?[1]” Read more.

CareNet Counseling Network

“The Best Handshake You Will Ever Give”
October 2011  CareNetCounseling.wordpress.com
Jerry Powell, Director of the Fayetteville Family Life Center, believes that teaching people how to care for military families is an education process – not just with the military personnel and their families, but also with those who interact and engage with them in their communities. And we need to realize that this means all of us. Read more.

Baptist News Global Perspectives

“Beware the Calling”
July 2015  BaptistNews.com 
Beware the calling, clergy, and tread carefully before you enter into its wake.
Beware the calling for it is disguised in nobility, in morality, in a desire to help and heal and save.
Read more.



Alabama Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

Fall Newsletter
September 2015  AlabamaCBF.org




Episode 99
September 2014 SocialMedia.Church

Oxford Baptist Church

Could It Be You?
February 2015  CRAho.buzzsprout.com




I designed and wrote all the content for www.digitalclergy.com.

Alabama Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

A client site I currently maintain and update: www.alabamacbf.org.

Baptist News Global

A site on which I was the project manager for design and content: www.baptistnews.com.




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