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When to get help

How do you know when it’s time to get help?

HelpI want this website to teach you what you need in order to successfully navigate the online world as a minister. However, there are times when you need an expert, a consultant, or a coach.

Here are a few examples of when I have stepped in to help congregations and ministers which may help you decide if you need a personal connection beyond what the digitalclergy website can provide:

  • Blog set-up for a youth ministry for the youth minister to use as the main platform for communication with his youth and youth parents
  • Email newsletter design with MailChimp to help a congregation transition from a print piece that was being emailed as an attached pdf to a weekly scheduled enews
  • Consulting with a church to give them an overall audit of where they currently stand with communication platforms and then a strategy for improvement of their online, digital footprint
  • Evaluation of a church’s website with consultation of easy, quick improvements as well as long-term (and more expensive) changes
  • One-day social media boot camp conferences – detailed and elementary level “how tos” of social media platforms – with SocialPhonics
  • One-day presentations on “Communication is Key” – strategies for internal and external communication skills for congregations – with the Center for Congregational Health
  • Consulting for the Associated Baptist Press as their Interactive Communications Specialist – most recently working with and guiding the web designer for their new website
  • Designing and implementing a quarterly email newsletter for a statewide counseling network
  • Overall communications strategy and implementation for the Alabama Cooperative Baptist Fellowship – including a website redesign with content set-up, a monthly email newsletter and a quarterly print newsletter


I would be happy to talk with you further about my own help, or I can connect you with others who do similar work.

Contact me by emailTwitter or Facebook. Or leave me a comment below.


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