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A conversation with SocialMedia.Church

I was interviewed for the podcast “SocialMedia.Church” released on September 15. You can hear our conversation online here – we discussed how communication is changing and developing with social media, how I help churches and ministers use social media and what else I’m working on these days. I’m appreciative of DJ Chuang for the opportunity!

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7 reasons why digital metrics matter to your church

Almost every receipt given to you these days has a survey link printed at the bottom. Businesses are so desperate for your feedback, they will waste paper and give away cash in exchange for your opinion.

And yet our churches rarely ask what their “audience” thinks about their “products or services.” Most church staff seldom pause long enough to wonder, “How do people think we are doing?”

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you receive feedback if you don’t know why metrics matter. At ABPnews/Herald, I spend a lot of time reading statistics about our audience. I’ve found at least seven reasons to study metrics that relate to congregational needs.

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So your church members are wired. How do you organize all the social networking?

Once social media becomes a part of your ministry and the conversation at your church, it can be overwhelming to manage. Thankfully, there are a few platforms out there designed to help organize your social networking.

1. I use sproutsocial.com for all my work at ABPnews/Herald. It provides a message box to read interactions on all of our social media platforms, easy ways to publish and schedule status updates on Twitter, Facebook and Google+, robust analytics and a way to monitor keywords or branding. On a cautionary note, SproutSocial has increased its fees so your monthly fees will likely be higher than ours.

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