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I hope this website itself is a resource for you, but I am certainly not the final authority on anything.

So I’ve collected my favorite resources to help you on your way.

In addition to all of these resources, be sure to check out the articles listed to the right in the “Articles From Around the Web” box. This is an RSS feed of articles that I “clip” on Springpad as I come across new information for you.



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A Final Word

Hopefully you’ve spent time learning why ministers need to be online, determining your next steps, and practicing tips on all the platforms.

Before you read up on resources to help you further on your journey, I’d like to leave you with a few final thoughts.

This online interaction is not top down – it’s not …

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How To Videos

A compilation of the how-to tutorial videos found in the tips for individual platforms:

Facebook Privacy Settings:

Facebook Customized Newsfeed:

Facebook Apps:

Facebook Page Basics:

Facebook Page Strategies:

Twitter Search:

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Great Emergence

Reading Recommendations

This list of recommended books and authors is not exhaustive by any means. But it’s enough to keep you busy for awhile! I have listed them in an order, in my opinion, which would be most helpful to read (i.e. if you only have time for one book, read the first one).

Phyllis Tickle …

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Presentation Audio Recordings

Audio recordings of a presentation that I gave at the Interim Ministry Network Annual Conference in Buffalo, NY on June 11, 2012.

Why Go Online?
Online Concerns
Tips and Tricks (coming soon)


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Organizations and Blogs

There are many great organizations who are also teaching about online communication. Here are a few of the best:

SocialPhonics Center for Healthy Churches The New Media project & case studies (Lilly Endowment funded) Clay Shirky blog Clive Thompson blog Michael Wesch blog Church Marketing Sucks Wired magazine Fast Company magazine Mashable site Lifehacker site  Church and Social Media blog My …

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My Blog

I will be writing my own thoughts on online connections and the church.

You can find posts on the home page or visit the blog directly.



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