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A Final Word

Hopefully you’ve spent time learning why ministers need to be online, determining your next steps, and practicing tips on all the platforms.

Before you read up on resources to help you further on your journey, I’d like to leave you with a few final thoughts.

  • CrowdThis online interaction is not top down – it’s not something the pastor instructs the secretary to do on his or her behalf. It is personal connection and collaboration. It is the leader amongst the people..Jesus in the crowd, if you will.
  • Think like the user.
  • Get the congregation involved in sharing its own message by being the instigator. Talk about it with them – online and in person. Once you provide the means, if they are invested, and what you are doing is worth sharing, they’ll share it.
  • Online communication allows for internal and external communication. It allows you to listen. It builds relationships.
  • A measure of a healthy church is one that is talking about what it does and who it is! That measurement hasn’t changed with online engagement. But now you can actually see it happening.

I hope you enjoy your immersion into the online world!



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