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5 communication mistakes your church is probably making – and how you can correct them

After a combined 15 years as an administrative assistant, communication manager, educator, communication specialist or communication consultant (or any other title sent my way), I’ve had time to reflect on what we’re doing wrong when it comes to effective communication. Since my 15 years as a professional have also been spent as a …

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So your church members are wired. How do you organize all the social networking?

Once social media becomes a part of your ministry and the conversation at your church, it can be overwhelming to manage. Thankfully, there are a few platforms out there designed to help organize your social networking.

1. I use sproutsocial.com for all my work at ABPnews/Herald. It provides a message box to …

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Social Media Concerns

Dear Social Media Consultant,

I am very aware of the switch to social media and the need to use the tools available to connect with people, and yet, I am very old school and don’t like computer-mediated relationships . . . except (apparently) for e-mailing people I haven’t met in person.

I feel like I …

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