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Audio – Podcasts

PodcastingThe church has had a long love affair with radio. The good news is, it is much easier and cheaper today to share audio with the online world than ever before. I used to shy away from audio recordings – even more so than video, once YouTube came along. But once I learned how quickly and easily I could load up, and perfect, audio, I knew it was something the church needed.

Here are a few tips and best practices for using audio online:

  • Record your sermons. You can certainly record them through your church’s sound system and wait for the AV guys to get them back to you on a CD. However, it’s just as easy to use other technology in addition to the church’s sound system. The quality may not be as good, but the online podcasting world is forgiving.
    • You can buy a digital recorder and place it beside you on the podium.
    • Use an app on your smartphone or iPad – my favorite is AudioMemos because it will run in the background of other apps. You can get the $.99 version or for $9.99 all their extensions.
  • Record special prayers or liturgies.
  • Record conversations between several people about difficult or fun topics. You could have two people present in the same room and use the recording devices above, or you could use devices on or through your computer and record two people in different places. Microphones that work well on your computer includeSnowball from Blue and Yeti.
  • Now that you’ve recorded, clean it up. Download your recording, in whatever file form it comes in, at the free audacity site. If you need to trim off extra audio at the beginning or end, or even cut out a coughing fit in the middle, audacity lets you do that. Search for a few how-to videos if you have trouble, though I found it very user friendly. Save the file as an mp3 version, which is the easiest to share online.
  • Once it’s all cleaned up, you need a place to put it so that others can listen, unless you are just going to email the file around. You need a podcast channel. I received this list of good channels from some friends who use them:
  • Don’t forget to add keyword descriptions of what kind of content is in your audio to attract people from a search.


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