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Images are more important than ever – good quality, high resolution, interesting perspective. And it’s so easy to get good shots with the latest SmartPhone.

A few tips:


Acquiring images:

There is no way you can run out with a camera or phone and grab every image that you need. Frequently you will need to use someone else’s photos. There are many great ways to get free (or cheap but good) images.

  • First and most important, DO NOT right-click on an image you find through Google and “save as” to use for print or website purposes. You will probably break copyright laws unless you track down the original photographer and get their permission. Read this blogger’s horror story if you need more convincing. 
  • Get free images here: Microsoft Images, Morguefile, freedigitalphotos, and my favorite Flickr Creative Commons (use the search box and then after you click the search icon, click advanced search that appears just under the search box – scroll to the bottom and choose the option to search for creative commons photos).
  • You can pay for good quality images at istock photos.
  • Many other good sites exist for free or cheap images. Use them. Stop the right-click, save as process!

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