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YouTube and Vimeo: platforms to share video online

YouTubeVideo is one of the top ways to communicate online. YouTube is the second largest search engine site. Have you ever searched for the word “church” or your particular denomination on YouTube? We need better representation!

Here are a few best practices for video:

  • Set up a YouTube channel for your church and take time to fill in the information section (including a link to your website).  Use Vimeo for long videos.
  • Record a quick amateur video of your ministers giving interviews about what they do or why they love your church.
  • Bring a camera to some of your activities and record your church in action.
  • Record a video of your mission work – again, no need for fancy editing, snap a few minutes from your smartphone.
  • Conduct man-on-the-street interviews with your church members as they are leaving worship asking why they came to church that day.
  • Create a welcome message explaining who you are and what you believe.
  • Introduce or invite others to an event. I know of a church who has the youth create their own videos inviting their friends to an upcoming lock-in. And then they share the video like crazy with their friends as the invitation to come. Make sure the event details are mentioned or shown.
  • Record sermons.
  • Tap into all of those creative artistic folks at your church. You never know who might be willing to create a video of “what sss church means to me” for free.
  • Also, as a church, you will need to discuss the need for a policy of images and video on the web regarding children and youth. Write this policy together.
  • Don’t avoid video.
  • If you are interested in live streaming an event or worship services, here are a few resources:

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