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Why Go Online

Why should ministers be online?

Online communication, especially through social media, is a foundation shift in the way we communicate and form relationships.

It is vitally important that you understand why.



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Why Go Online

Before we get into the fun tips and tricks, we need to talk about why ministers and churches should be online in the first place. It is vitally important that you understand the why.


If you don’t understand WHY you are using Facebook, it won’t matter WHAT you learn about it.



In …

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Free Hugs

Background videos

Videos referenced in why ministers should go online:

The Machine Is Us/ing Us by Michael Wesch Anthropology of YouTube by Michael Wesch

Especially watch Free Hugs at marker 32:35 and then the Message of YouTube at marker 47:32.

Social Media Revolution Collaboration Versus Institution by Clay Shirky Cognitive Surplus by Clay Shirky Steal This Film

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Here Comes Everybody

Background resources

Resources referenced in why ministers should go online:

Michael Wesch – anthropologist at Kansas State University, author of Anthropology of YouTube Pew Research Center – publications on Internet and technology  Robert Putnam – Bowling Alone Clive Thompson – Brave New World of Digital Intimacy Robert Scoble and Shel Israel – Naked Conversations Malcolm Gladwell – Tipping Point Joseph …

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Of course we rightfully have concerns about engaging and interacting online!

We must remember that we are the “lucky ones” who live in a time of transition that the world has not seen for 500 years, those who live in the time caught in between where we’ve been and where we are going – what …

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