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Of course we rightfully have concerns about engaging and interacting online!

SecurityWe must remember that we are the “lucky ones” who live in a time of transition that the world has not seen for 500 years, those who live in the time caught in between where we’ve been and where we are going – what we were and what we will be, and we are forming the rules, boundaries and societal norms as we go.


It is not going to be easy. But we have to be there – helping society work it out with love and grace.


Some of our concerns include:

  • The echo chamber – when people only hear from same view points they already agree with.
  • A false “reinvention” of online self that doesn’t match the real life version
  • The longevity of what we say online stays online forever
  • The misrepresentation of what we said, being misunderstood, and things being taken out of context
  • A loss of reality
  • Of course, security and privacy!
  • Predators
  • Online bullying (of both children to children AND adults to adults)
  • People writing with disrespect and aggression – that in most cases, they would never use in person
  • Digital inaccessibility – what we are calling the “digital underclass” – people who do not have access to computers or the Internet, even in America
  • Introvert vs. extrovert – is it easier for one type to engage online?
  • Remembering to reach out in person – you may feel you are always available, but not all people are plugged in. It’s a two-way street – comment on their cousin’s friend’s sibling’s death online, but then when you see their face in church again, say something about it in person.

As with all things, we need discernment, moderation, and accountability.

  • Let there be open conversation about this at your church. Have a night where you talk about this together. Mix generations intentionally for this discussion.
  • Remember, though, you have to provide the space and encourage the conversation.

Learn more in my suggested next steps.



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